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Originally Posted by tahunua
I tend to like the darker amber on my 91/30 that I left stock but the other one that I sporterized had a tone much like your m44 but with the shellac that obscured the wood tone so it just looked horrible. I am a pseudo purist. I see a springfield or enfield sporterized and I shed a tear but if I see a chinese SKS or mosin nagant wearing a cheap ATI stock and have the bolts mangled for a drill and tap scope rail I don't even worry about it... my grandkids might think I'm a monster for destroying a 'priceless piece of history' but in the mean time I think I'll be ok.
As you say, it depends on the rifle.

As I was removing the Soviet lacquer, I said to my wife, the last person to see the natural beauty of this stock was a Soviet factory worker nearly 70 years ago. Now, it is revealed again. I find value in that, even if the purists don't.
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