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" A few newb questions
First off I havent received my press yet, shipping delayed. I opted for the cheaper Lee load-master as I will load primarely pistol.
I plan on putting all my used intact brass in a tumbler with walnut shells.
Then I put them in the press and crank through the stations until cartridge comes out. 5 station.
What I am having the problem with is primer pocket cleaning. Does it have to be done, recomended, or not needed?
Same question for case sizing, chamfering?
It would be easy enough to cycle brass through to remove primer first then vibrate, trim and chamfer. But I am not getting the full use of the press.
What say you guys?
I will eventually use the same press for 44mag, 460mag, and probably some rifle like 303, 30-06.
Also, are gas checked lead bullets available pre-assembled? "

So many questions... I can help with some.

Lee load-master - Great unit for pistols. Has a case length limit. 303s and 30-06s aren't going to fit. Depending upon what powder system you are going to use, you may want to use LEE's through the die charging set. It make the progressive run much faster. (Get the adjustable disk unit. You can fully adjust what you want to drop. I hate the chain.) SEE CORRECTION IN LATER ENTRIES.

primer pocket cleaning - As stated above, not always needed with pistols. It will depend upon how much crud is left after depriming. The powder used and charge will make the difference. For 9s, 40s, 44s and 45s, I used 231/HP38 and haven't had a need.

case sizing, chamfering - ALL cases will need to be sized. (Bottle necked cases used in the same bolt action can get by with lesser degrees of sizing.) Chamfering is to smooth/ease the seating of the new bullets. Some times the case could get crunched or bullet shaved. Once is usually sufficient for straight walled cases. Bottle necks will lengthen, need to be trimmed and chamfered after being trimmed. (Yes straight walled cases do lengthen, just not enough to count.)

Single processing - I have a progressive press set-up and never deprime/size (or prime) during the progressive loading process. (This is .223/5.56 brass loads. Pistol stuff just goes in empty and comes out loaded.) I clean and trim after depriming and sizing. I clean before also.

gas checked lead bullets available pre-assembled - I would think so, but you will have to check with the vendor. All gas checks that I have used, I set during the sizing/lubing process. Can't say that I have ever bought any gas checked lead bullets, so I don't know for sure.

Hope I helped a little,

Be safe and enjoy,


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