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[quote=win-lose]So disent from you is alarmist.... gee where have I heard that argument before.

Dissent from me isn't the issue. We share (purportedly) a common language so that we can communicate with one another. When one wishes to communicate an idea, one uses words to express that idea. Words have meaning. You posted the following words:

Originally Posted by win-lose
While it is legal to sell the gun in another state, it is a felony to try and get it there.
However, the only felony involved occurred roughly 18 years ago, whenever Connecticut's window for registering that firearm expired. From that day forward, possession of that firearm within Connecticut was illegal. No Connecticut or Federal law in any way prohibits transporting an object from a place where said object may not be legal to a place where said object IS legal.

If what you intended to say is that you would not choose to undertake the risk of transporting it because possession is illegal while within Connecticut, then you should have said that. But you didn't. You made a declarative statement that transporting it is a felony. That statement was incorrect, and it was alarmist.

Originally Posted by win-lose
If the individual was caught with the gun in his car, while in CT, it would be a felony. Period. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU CONSIDER IT TO BE A NEW CRIME. At that point in time it is a felony, to be figured out later by the courts.
Either you were less than clear in your writing, or you do not understand the law. If he were caught with the firearm in Connecticut, it would not be a felony "at that point in time." It became a felony on the date the registration window expired, and it has not changed since then. What you wrote is like saying if you robbed a bank in 2002 and were captured in 2012, your robbing the bank would become a felony in 2012 when you were caught.

When you are putting forth thoughts on a written forum, it is your responsibility to write what you mean in clear English. It's not my job to read your mind. I can only respond to what I see you put on the screen.
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