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I think that the antigun forces are having a group-think that the entire country is behind them. They ignore listening to the opposition and discard it as nuts (see Biden), but Clinton is warning them as is Reid.
Clinton's smart enough to remember 1994. The arrogance and condescension with which the NRA and the gun culture were treated was epic in the leadup to the AWB and Brady Bill.

We were frozen out of the discussion process, lampooned by the media, and mocked at nearly every turn. To this day, I wonder if there might not have been less anger over the ban if they simply hadn't been so cocky and rude about it.

In any case, Clinton's words were worth considering, but the anti-gunners think they've got the wind at their back, so I doubt he'll be heeded.

(Towards the bottom of the first page of that article, there's a link to a photo gallery of guns that were banned in 1994. One of them is the FN FAL, for which they provide a picture of a PS-90.)
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