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Are those mostly for people trying to post fast times
You can't miss them fast enough to win.

No, seriously, you can improve your score a lot by slowing down, in IDPA.

Yes, it's a game, in that if the SHTF and I fight my way to behind cover and reload... in real life I am so sticking behind that cover. In IDPA, you're expected to go out there and face them again. A game, but very good training in a number of ways -- reloading, using cover, hitting the target, drawing from concealment. I use my EDC kit for IDPA, I can do better (at the game) by changing things, but... for me that misses the point, which is being comfortable with my EDC kit.

Yes, it gets interesting. But that's part of the fun. First off you should do a New Shooter Orientation, then a Classifier ... and by then you'd have figured it out. It's not rocket science.

CDP is a misnomer. CDP is a stock 1911. SSP is where everyone is, big pond. I prefer being a big fish in a small pond, so I shoot SSR (I lie, my EDC is a revolver, and that's what I shoot, as I said. Also I shoot like the south end of a northbound horse, so it's small fish in small pond anywayz)

DAP90: IDPA also states that you can't defeat safety features, and some of my pistols (I shoot SSR mainly) have magazine safeties. You *have* to stick a magazine in there to pull the trigger. And you are, as I said, expressly forbidden from disabling the safety. So -- your SO must be OK with sticking a mag in there.
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