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.45 Auto is a round that doesn't have a lot of hunting applications -- or perhaps I should typically not used in hunting applications. That means that most handloaders are making ammo in .45 Auto that is best used for paper punching and knocking down steel targets.

You'll find that unless it's a known, popular hunting round -- most handloaders don't spend a lot of time or money building high performance, penetrating or expanding rounds in these calibers. At it's most simple, it's because most handloaders keep a very tidy budget. And (by far), the most expensive component in any handloaded round is the bullet. And by and large, the most important variable in a "high performance" round of ammo is going to be a high-tech, expensive, cutting-edge bullet.

Most handloaders, especially when building handgun ammo, are loading them hundreds and thousands of rounds at a time. And spending big money on high performance, cutting edge, expensive bullets just isn't common.

You may indeed find the answers you seek, with regards to great handloads in .45 Auto specifically tailored to defense and social applications, but it's my opinion that the bulk of folks you will run in to in this forum can give you 12 different .45 loads that will allow you to compete closely in a bullseye match or battle for speed steel, but very few of us have spent much time building .45 ACP ammo intended for shooting at bad guys.

Most simply buy that stuff.
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