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What's a good load recipe for .40 S&W?

Hey all. Just getting started on loading .40S&W for my Beretta 96 and Glock 22 and well as a close friends XD-M.

Looking around for bullets, I can't find much in stock. I use Berry's plated 115gr RN for my 9mm loads. Was thinking of using their 155gr or 165gr plated FN. Anybody have a more economical bullet to use that's plated/jacketed?

For powder I'll be using Power Pistol. Good charge weight to start at for any of the suggested bullets? Right now I don't have a caliber specific load book, only Lyman's 49th to browse, which isn't too expansive with load data.

Primers will be CCI 500 small pistol. COL to try, or replicate a factory cartridge? (Federal white box RT165)

Still don't have dies so I'm not in a huge rush. Just asking around for good load recipes that will cycle all 3 pistols reliably.

Thanks in advance!

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