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No much

Stuff is too expensive, I did buy 100 rounds of CCI mini mag 22lr at a local gun shop. He had plenty in stock it was only about $1 more than what I would have paid at Walmart. I'm glad I bought the 50 cal ammo can full of 2100 rounds of Federal bulk they had on sale at Cabela's this past summer for $73.00. I probably had a few thousand rounds before that purchase and I probably bought at least two or three thousand rounds after but before this latest panic.
I have a few thousand rounds of various center fire rounds, 9mm, 38spl, 35mag and .223/5.556 which is enough to last me several months as most of my recreational shooting is 22lr. Rimfire ammo is what I worry about running out of but during the winter I only go out and shoot once or twice a month and usually go through a few hundred rounds of rimfire and 3 or 4 dozen rounds of centerfire. At that rate I have enough to last more than a year even taking into account I shoot lots more in the spring, summer and fall. I'll wait out this shortage and don't invite too many people along when I shoot, there's always someone in the crowd that "Didn't get a chance to buy ammo." Of course they have no problem shooting mine!
With a dozen firearms in my possession, I have enough guns to shoot (including a couple of "assault rifles") so I will hold onto my cash.
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