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Want to stay on topic.
But then you ask this...
BTW, with a quick reading - you can have higher capacity mags in antique guns? Meaning 50 years or older. That's 1963. So Browning Hi-powers are legit if made before then? They seem evil to me. I'm confused... SW Model 39 with 8 round mags came out before 1963... Did I miss that you have to download and modify those mags.
Such mags are theoretically legal, yes, but according to how I read the law, the trick is that you have to somehow prove that the magazine itself (or the revolver cylinder or speedloader... on topic? ) is over 50 years old. This is kinda tricky to do with a non-serialized and often completely unmarked sheetmetal doohickey.

I pointed out in one of the L&CR threads that Luger P.08 32rd "Trommelmagazin" drum mags are apparently legal, as they have been out of production for well over 50 years.
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