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win-lose stated in post #16:
While it is legal to sell the gun in another state, it is a felony to try and get it there.
When asked to cite what law would make it a felony, he could not. He back-tracked.

win-lose then said in post #26:
It does us no good as a community under attack to recommend breaking the law on public forums.
Again, when asked what law it was recommended be broken, he could not cite any law that had not already been broken.

And then win-lose complains that HE is being attacked, when it is he who has contributed the most misinforative and alarmist posts to the entire discussion.

Personally, outside of this one member's posts, I think this thread represents what a firearms community is all about. A potentially serious problem was identified, possible approaches (ALL legal) were thrown out for consideration, a plan was formed, and has apparently been executed.

Problem solved.

Well done, people.
So disent from you is alarmist.... gee where have I heard that argument before.

Let's take this one point at a time...
If the individual was caught with the gun in his car, while in CT, it would be a felony. Period. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU CONSIDER IT TO BE A NEW CRIME. At that point in time it is a felony, to be figured out later by the courts.

Recommending the individual to transport contraband CAN NOT be considered a legal solution. Because the individual was not caught does not validate your solution... only that the universe chose not to be a jerk to this poor guy.

You can argue the likelihood of being caught... to my mind, fender benders, traffic stops, checkpoints, mechanical failures are all reasonably possible events that represent real risk to being caught. Not being caught and being legal are 2 different things.

I am truly glad it worked out for this individual. I am not so glad at how differing opinion was handled in this thread.

Edit: Thank you Wayne.... I was mostly focusing on risk and that to my mind the reward was not worth the risk.

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