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current mosin: black lightning

named after the Russian movie if anyone is wondering

anyway took it out to a ranch and fired 20 rounds to zero out the red dot, it did ok at 70 yards, also sadly that day my raybans fell and shattered, afterwords i also lost my trigger in (just ordered two from hopefully ill get them soon and use two shoot.

ive decided the red dot is good only out to 100 yards but it dosnt have the magnification for what i want to do, which is 300 -400+ yards, like i do with the m1a, sadly i have to say the mosin and m1a are my two favorites.

anyway performance

using the brass stacker mount i shot out to 70 yards using the leapers red dot scope available on amazon for 40 ish bucks, got for 25 at a gun show

ive decided ill get an ncstar scope non iluminating as its cheap and will work at 2x 7x
below are pics of the shoot

mosin with bipod extended max

mosin at noraml shortest height (this is also what i do to clean my gun)

mosin on bipod

target at 70 yards
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