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Originally Posted by tynimiller View Post
...Anything I need to know about these things?
Yes. They're fairly simple to work on yourself.

Originally Posted by tynimiller View Post
i'am taking it in to a gunsmith as soon as I find one with knowledge on BP pistols to have it cleaned and checked over.
This will probably cost more than the gun is worth unless it has specific sentimental value to you. If it has sentimental value you have to figure out how much that's worth. I know I've spent way more than some things were "worth" just because they were family specific items.

There is a ton of information on YouTube about disassembly & reassembly. And the Pietta website has PDFs with parts breakdown. If its not a Pietta, but an Uberti, then substitute search terms.

Cabelas sells a Pietta rebuild kit, as do others I'm sure. But I don't know if it has a replacement hand spring in the kit.

VTI has individual parts.

If you want to do it yourself, and want examples you can pick up a new one in working order to learn on. Cabelas had them on sale last week. Not sure if its still going on.
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