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There are 10 shot 22 single action revolvers and I think I saw a 12 shot being shown at the Shot Show.

You can remove those. Assault revolver?
Right, that's exactly my point, Glenn.

The trooper I spoke to on the phone this morning was absolutely befuddled by the question. Taurus Tracker 992 has a cylinder that's removable without tools -- it's a push button. Requiring no tools is one of the conditions.....

I don't have a 992, but was going to buy one and was also considering the Ruger Single 10. Forget it. Changed my mind and am now going to buy a 7-shot model 970, just in case the law gets re-clarified against those particular handguns.

But, more to the point, even state the troopers don't know if revolvers are even involved in this mess.
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