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One of the other responders has voices concerns about how to find a worthy mentor. I wish I had a magic list of those but I don't and don't think anyone does.
Oh yes there is! The NRA has a course that if taken and passed gives you a certificate that says Metallic Cartridge Reloading.

I just spent 20 minutes on the NRA website, I was looking for a list of local instructors. None found! I did find such a list years ago, but apparently now you can't.

I agree that reading books is a great way to start. A mentor? How is a total newcomer to reloading supposed to know a good mentor from a total blowhard?
Good point Bob. Answer is; you can't. You have no basis to judge by, being as how you're totally new to the process. Not saying you in particular, but any new reloader. Just about anybody that has some experience can get a newbie going, but then the safety aspect may be bypassed. Some may bypass the load work-up process, saying pick the top load, it'll be fine!
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