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Skinner's are very well made and have a wide and loyal following. I've got a Williams WGRS on one of my Marlins which works well if you don't need to change the rifle's zero often. The WGRS is adjustable for both windage and elevation, but, like the Skinner, does not have click adj.'s for either. Once you're sighted in, you pretty much leave it there. Too, the Williams is made of aluminum...while the Skinner is steel and brass. I'd opt for the more expensive Skinner were I to do it over again.

For click adjustable windage and elevation, you have to go to either the Williams Fool Proof or the Lyman equivalent, a Model 66, if memory serves. Both work well, but are more bulky than either the Skinner or Williams WGRS (pic below).

Either the Williams or the Skinner will most likely need a higher front sight...I chose a Fire Sight from wonders in the dark cedar thickets here in KY...much better than either a gold bead or plain black post.

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