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One poster suggested that only little old ladies can't handle the recoil of a 38 spl, so who would want a 22 mag? I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these for my wife. She is 40 yrs old, 5'10", works out religiously, and is a very strong woman. But she hates shooting my 38 spl LCR. She just won't shoot it. So I got her a a Beretta Bobcat 22 lr. She loves to shoot that, but it jams way too frequently to be a reliable SD carry gun. As a SD cartridge, the 22 mag is unquestionably more powerful than the 22 lr, even in a short barrel. Since something bigger is not really an option right now, the LCR in 22 mag is a very attractive option. The wife will shoot it and enjoy it; why get her a gun that she won't shoot or carry? And the nice thing about revolvers is that they almost never malfunction, even with rimfire ammunition. If it's not for you, fine. But that doesn't mean it's not for anyone. I'll bet that sales of the LCR 22 mag will prove me correct.
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