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Why not just say that participants should have to pass a standardized training course, and quit knocking vets?
Knocking vets?
Not in any way.
All I'm saying is that vets aren't magically qualified - as 318 seems to indicate in his post.

He said and I quote - " I would also like to see military veterans get a crack at this".
I'm not for equating a vet to a retired LEO - simply because someone at one time wore a uniform.
He's the one that made a blanket statement about vets.

Let me ask you - why do you think a vet is more qualified than someone else?
& I don't mean people like your uncle.
IMNSHO - you uncle is qualified, vet or not. Being a vet has little to do with it. It's a plus, but, it's not an overriding consideration.
Be honest here and, as a vet, think about each and every person you know or knew that's a vet.

[Edit to remove part that Glenn may have missed....

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