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Checked one off the short list.

I thought I'd at least make an apperance at a couple LGS Saturday for National Gun Appreciaton Day. With the run on guns, and the prices raising ever day I wasn't sure I would buy anything. One of the shops I visited had a wall that was nearly empty of all handguns. But Right there in the middle was a Ruger LCR. One near the top of my list. The surprising part was the price was within a couple bucks of a year or more ago in the same shop, and at $429, about $50 less than other places in my area before the Obama induced run on guns.
A couple more on the short list may not be that hard to come by. A Charter Ams Bulldog shouldn't be too hard to find. But next on the list is one I haven't seen in shops. A Taurus 992 stainless 4". I've seen It in 6" stainless, or blue, and also 4" blue. But not the one I want. The other two on the original list of 5 could be more problematic, If not impossible. 1. CZ SP01, and 2. Glock 17.
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