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My 260 is that Ruger compact, with the 16.5 inch barrel, and while I grump about how short the barrel is (and the lower MV), I just really like the light short rifle. It's so darn easy to use and to handle in the woods that I do most of my hunting with it. For the first couple of years I shot the 120 gr Nosler BT's and the rifle appeared just as effective on deer and hogs as my 270 did. Then about the middle of this year I switched to the 100 gr BT's to get a higher MV that would give me a trajectory similar to that of my 270. I wasn't sure that the smaller bullet would work as well, but I'm getting the same results. Bottom line is that everybody talks about shooting heavy bullets in the 260, but you can also shoot the lighter ones and be happy. All that remains of my bullet testing is to shoot a big hog at long range (about 400 or so). If that works out fine (for me..), I'll probably stick with the 100 grainer. Time will tell.
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