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Apparently, to the NYGOV's office, a revolver cannot be an "assault weapon" according to their FAQs on the SAFE act.
True, but that's not necessarily the end of the debate. The main issue is whether a revolver cylinder could be considered a "large capacity ammunition feeding device", which I'll call a LCAFD for brevity.

First, the wording of the law prohibiting the new commercial sale of LCAFD's does not explicitly exempt a device that is integral with the firearm. Second, the definition of a LCAFD includes a "drum... or similar device...", which IMHO could be construed to include a revolver cylinder, but it's really hard to tell; it's unclear at this point how the NY state authorities will interpret the law.

IANAL, but AFAIK an LCAFD is supposed to be registered just like an assault weapon would be.

This has been discussed at length in L&CR in this thread:
Just what we need, a bunch of New Yorkers moving to Texas and turning Texas into New York.
Come to any suburb on the north side of DFW; they're already here.
Wow. It's really bad that the State Police still don't know.
They can't understand the statute either.
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