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Doyle- I can agree with every bit of that. A rifle with an 18-20" barrel would definitely be better off chambered .260. But if you want to shoot 120gr. bullets, and dont mind a long action and a 24" barrel, you will be pushing that bullet about 300 fps faster than with the .260rem, with about 2" less drop at 300 yards. MV with a 120 gr. .260 is about 2700, while a .25-06 is about 3000. As for deer hunting I wouldnt want anything heavier than 120 grains, some people even elk hunt with a .25-06. Now if you're hunting close range in thick woods all the time, out of a treestand, I could see how the .260 might have a leg up. Otherwise, I have to still give the advantage to the '06. I hunt thick cover sometimes myself, but Im usually carrying my lever-action .35rem.

I will admit that a .260 is probably the best short action caliber to shoot 120's.
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