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I think that if it happened that a licensed concealed carry owner was killed during a robbery or other assault after emptying his gun, the media would make a big deal out of it to "prove" that concealed carry by citizens was not the answer to crime. That said, I cannot recall ever reading/hearing about such a scenario in the real world. Even today many folks, including off-duty LEO's carry j-frame snub nose revolvers with only 5 rounds. I have nothing against large capacity magazines, but personally I feel pretty safe if I am carrying a small semi with 6 to 8 rounds or my j-frame with 5. On the other hand, I know of at least one person in my pistol club who routinely carried 3 handguns plus several extra magazines when he carries. Maybe he envisions the possibility of being attacked by an entire gang of criminals. If you like larger capacity mags, fine, but you probably won't convince anyone that you "need" them.
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