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Originally Posted by spacecoast View Post
I have no idea where most shooters miss, but I can tell you from my own experience point shooting (rapidly, not using sights) that I tend to miss HIGH, especially with a snubby revolver. I practice aiming for belt level if I want to hit chest high (6 shots in 1-2 seconds).
I had a similar experience. With my pistol low and left, with a revolver always missing high. The trigger pull is similar as well...

If a guy aims a gun at me, I'm not sure I'm moving anywhere. I'm going to comply to the point where I feel like it's useless. Then, as a last resort, I will double back flip and jump over him, landing behind him with out him knowing. Then he will be all " What in the world" and when he turns around to fire he will only then notice that when I jumped over him I also disassembled his pistol as well. That's just me though...
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