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I was just thinking and I rememberd. The NHS was in 1997, The AWB was in 1994>2004... That means somehow they had AK'S and their other "big round magazines" during this ban.

I'll one up you and just mention its also a failure of the gun control act. Those AK's were smithed into full auto machine guns. There was no single pull of the trigger going on which likely is the reason the only 2 deaths out of the whole ordeal was the 2 dirtbags. They shot up a whole lot of crap and wounded several with spray and pray but didn't kill anyone.
I believe you're thinking of the National Firearms Act rather than the Gun Control Act as it was the former that restricted fully automatic weapons to the point of a de-facto ban. You bring up a good point, however, in that even when certain weapons are not commonly avaialable, there is still nothing to stop criminals from illegally fabricating them.
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