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Helping a newbie with with a Hornady LNL AP... primer feed

1st off, I don't reload ( currently ) with a progressive, but have been loading for over 20 years off a one of several single stages...

buddies family bought him a progressive for his 1st press... got a couple issues...

1st issue... the press seems to be missing a spring wire clip that goes into the drop tube. that keeps the correct length collar for the powder measure in place, I suspect he'll have to contact Hornady & get a replacement part...

2nd, the primer shuttle does not reliably feed primers... he didn't know how sensitive the press was to dust, & has had it set up in his heated garage ( in which he also does wood working ) so even though he did the initial clean & dry lube a while ago, in accordance with the DVD, we went through & cleaned everything again yesterday, to remove any saw dust ( which there was alot of crud initially in the primer shuttle mechanism ) but even re-cleaned, it seemed to have an issue binding up... I found that by loosening the riser tube screw a little, we could make it work "some", by dropping the handle a little past where the shuttle should have started moving, then giving a wiggle to the riser tube, would often allow it to free up, & we could continue to prime... I got all his dies set up, & with all the issues priming, we did that as a seperate process, mostly, & since we couldn't use the powder measure, we pulled cases at that stage & scaled some charges ( enough for 25 cartridges ) then seated the bullets, for finished cartridges, so I know everything is set up right...

so... in talking with a couple other buddies, that have the LNL AP, sounds like the primer shuttle is a common problem... is that something that the user can fix, or does that require sending it in ???
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