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Katrina, Rodney King Riots, SF Earthquakes, other national disasters, OCCUPY Movement protestors, are all examples of incidents where civilians were required to protect themselves with firearms in situations where there were power outages, rampant looting, rape, assault, robbery, murder, and other crimes. Each one of these incidents came close to martial law.

We did not hear about much from the media, but if you were in the Rodney King riots, many people and criminals were shot and killed by civilians and police.

So Skadoosh, civilians do engage in the dangers or may be subjected to the dangers similiar to LE and military. I am guessing you have never been involved in civil unrest where crime is at your doorstep! I disagree with what you stated! There is always great potential for natural disaster or civil unrest and we must all be prepared and not live in denial!
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