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As a recommendation you might try...

....Just selling it and then start from scratch with a new revolver.

Sell it on eBay first the frame with the cylinder out of it and then sell the cylinder in a second listing. Put the nipplies back in the cylinder. Start the listing for the frame at 125.00. There is a Remington frame (Newer) which is now up to 161.00. List it at 12.00 Priority shipping and throw it is a flat rate box. Start the cylinder out at 40.00. Six dollars priority shipping. The n say that you will merge shipping on multiple auctions. I will bet that when the fools are done bidding you'll have 200.00 out of it. Bidders on eBay as a rule either do not follow black powder prices or they just don't care.

Right now a brand new Remington is selling for (I think it is back up to) 229.00 from Cabelas. You know it is new. You know you can get a converter for it.

Jim is right. You can easily have as much in a converted BP cap and ball revolver as you would pay for a cartridge revolver.

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