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I would try to sell them locally (post a ad on local gun range bulletin board per club rules), Craigslist (not sure about their rules but you can be somewhat obscure), etc. And also list them on this forum's exchange as linked above.

Moulds maybe very sought after if for popular but less commonly available bullet types, or they could be not worth much if dmaged or in poor condition. Are they Aluminum or iron? Clean or rusted? Do you know model number and manufacturer of the moulds? All of that helps determine value.

Bullets can be all over the map in terms of cost. Poorly made home cast bullets may be worth just their melt value, or they could be as good as any new bullet.

I would first inventory everything you have, then search the web and this forum for those model numbers and makes to see if you can determine comparative values for new or similar items.

You may have just a bunch of tired old stuff that will only bring bargain prices or you may have some gems in there. I was cleaning out a bin of stuff someone left at my house and almost put a small hunting knife in my misc knife drawer for who knows when. As I was cleaning it up anyway I noticed it had a makers name on it: R. W. Loveless, Lawndale, CA. I searched on the web about it and was stunned. Turns out it is probably worth at least $4,000. I returned it to the owner and he is pretty excited abut this forgotten knife. You never know what you have until you inventory it and research the items.
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