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Originally Posted by B.L.E.
Also, if you have a heavy and slow hammer, the reaction to the hammer fall can cause considerable movement during the hammer fall along with the sudden release of pressure on the trigger finger. This can result in a significant change of point of impact depending on whether the gun is lightly or loosely gripped by the shooter.
You can see this if carefully dry fire a single action revolver that has a scope on it. When that hammer drops, you will see the image jump, even on sandbags.
Here's a vid that demos this effect. Well, it actually demonstrates the opposite - that a light & fast hammer helps prevent muzzle jar upon hammer strike.

Originally Posted by 4EVERM-14
But for us mortals, like kraigwy and BLE posted, worrying about lock time is a moot point.
As I understand it, the AR15's got a relatively long lock time - wouldn't a high speed trigger (e.g. Geissele) offer a real benefit when target-grade accuracy matters? Is it standard equipment in highpower competition, for instance? Just curious.
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