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The "delicacy" of those Colts really is not as much a matter of handling a few hot loads as it is in extended firing with anything. They don't "blow up" or anything, but parts wear and, while those guns appear simple, their very simplicity makes them complex. A single part can do several tasks, so often adjusting it to do one thing will throw it out somewhere else in doing something else. That also makes diagnosing problems more difficult than with an S&W or a Ruger.

It is too bad Colt was not able to get their new generation of revolvers into full production; the few I have seen were definitely of a better design than the old type, though S&W said something about imitation and flattery.

All that being said, I think there is going to be a lot of increasing collector interest in those DA Colts of the past, especially from c. 1909 to c. 1940. I don't think anyone can go too far wrong in buying them if or when top condition (95%-100%) ones turn up.

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