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I'm still not 100% sure I want to trade it. But I already have a Glock 26. So I figured I should add on a revolver also. If I have a Glock and Revolver I can't go Wrong reliability wise or have to worry much about it. With all the new gun laws, etc that could be coming up I'd like to have an extremely reliable revolver that will basically last forever. Ammo isn't a issue at the moment since if I traded for say the .44 I'd get 100 rounds with the trade. Plus I'd get some more while there are still some around.

I just figured since I have a Glock 26 already (basically the same as the 19) that getting a GOOD quality, reliable revolver would be a WISE choice in these current times. Right now, at least in my area, you can hardly buy firearms anymore. Almost anything decent is sold out or has a 10 day waiting period for even background checks!!!! Normally out here it's 30 min check and your done. It's gotten a little CRAZY recently.. I've even seen a hi-point that the original price was $100 sold for $350 because fire-arms are so short at the moment!!

So I figured since I already have 1 Glock, good quality revolver that will last a very long time would be a good back-up to have.

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