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It makes me gringe. None of what you propose will do anything to prevent violent acts by criminals with a firearm.
Violent criminals dont use straw men the either steal them or way more often get them from other criminals whos area of operation is dealing illegally in guns.

With being allowed one round of ammo in a gun already be proposed in Mass and a host of other senseless regs this talk of giving something to get something makes no sense.

If we give an inch they take a mile. Even when we dont give an inch they try to take a mile and have in New York.

Simply put no law or reg will make one whit of difference about stopping violent crime commited with firearms. Period.
All they do is saddle the rest of us with unconstitutional, ignorant, violations of our rights.
And no when our back is finally firmly against the wall there will be those who will rise up and say No further and back it up and those who will sit on the sidelines wringing their hands or just stick them in the air and give up.
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