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I went from a .243 to a .260 because I wanted that little extra punch at longer ranges, and the 260 does indeed deliver! I beleive the 260 Rem is just about an ideal deer round with the 120 gr bullets that seem to do a much better job than the 100 gr 6mm. It does this with only a little more recoil than the 243, but seems much less than the other rounds listed on this cartrige platform. Don't discount the SD of the heavier 6.5 bullets either.

Mine is the Rem. 700 CDL Limited edition stainless fluted. I actually want a Model 7 in 260 to woods hunt with. I have never failed to find a few boxes of 260 Rem on the ammo shelf of any of the larger hunting supply stores. If you reload, one pass of a 243 brass through a full length sizer and you are ready to go, 7mm08 and you may have to trim a little!

It is true that many avalable rounds do overlap in their range of effective use, and for game it realy is mostly about bullet placement. Honestly, the only place my 260 has ever shown an edge over the old 243 is on long range shots.

Just mark me down as a .260 Rem. fan!
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