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Should I trade my Glock for this?

I am trading my Glock 19 (with Trijon night sights so probably worth at least $500 even though its used)

I just can't decide what to trade for/what offer is the best. Not sure if this is the right forum or not... HERE is what I want: the most reliable revolver possible! So any advice on what you think is the best deal. I am looking for pure reliability out of the revolvers but also good value for my trade at same time.

1st trade offer: COLT Detective .38 special. 3rd generation made in 1977, 2 inch barrel with about 100 rounds through it. Not sure the value of if. Trade is straight up, only extra is a holster

2nd trade offer Charter arms .44 special bulldog bug Bought new in 2008, fired about 100 rounds through it. Offer includes revolver +$300 cash.

3rd trade offer S&W model 642 Around 50 rounds fired trough it. Straight up trade, including holster and ammo to make up for price difference.

I'm leaning toward the Chater arms because of the extra cash. But just was wondering in case I decide otherwise what is a better overall quality and reliable revolver: a old 1977 COLT decetive special .38 OR newer S&W model 642? Which of those 2 revolvers would you more trust your life to go bang each time?

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