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Your target would have been far more meaningful had you fired six targets with ten round groups of each different cqartridge. That would have given us the relative accuracy, or lack of it, of each different cartridge.
That's not what I was trying to demonstrate with the test.

If I want to compare the accuracy of various types of ammunition in a given pistol I shoot a number of groups using each type of ammunition and then compare the results.

In this case, the point of the test was to show that it doesn't matter that much what practice ammunition you use as long as you maintain a reasonable level of quality and stick to the same bullet weight. I see people agonizing about which ammunition will be more accurate in their handgun. In fact, I used to be one of them.

Then I started noticing that the various brands of practice ammunition were more similar in terms of accuracy and point of aim than they were different.

The point of the group is that if you can shoot a 10 shot group at 15 yards with 6 different types of ammo and still have the whole group measure 2", agonizing over which of the 6 types is best in that gun might not be the best use of your time.
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