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PetahW wrote:
The M-1 (.30 caliber) is chambered for the .30-06 Springfield cartridge - a bottle-necked, rimless cartridge that fires 6 different weights of 0.308" diameter pointed & RN jacketed bullets from 110gr through 220 grs, at around 2500fps (in factory guises).
The .30-06 is a 1906 revision of the previous, short-lived, 1903 Springfield cartridge (the .30-03).
Ok, this is where I get confused...
Does this mean that .30 Caliber, 30-30, and 30-06 are all .308" rounds fired out of different casings for different purposes?
Sorry for the 101 questions, but can you please please please dumb this down a bit for us city slickers who only know handguns?
Thanks for your patience!
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