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Wow, thanks guys!

I will absolutely check out the Rem. Model 7 - sounds like just the ticket. I was hoping to shoot 140's in it though, so will study on the rifling problem.

Like the previous poster, I immediately thought about the Ruger Compact and the Tikka ... neither of which seem to be chambered in this fantastic round any longer. I missed a used Rem. 7600 in .260 earlier this year. Unfortunately it seems that gun companies have abandoned the .260 now that I have a hankering for one.

If DPMS was selling AR's in .260, the chances of me getting my hands on one now are pretty unlikely.

The Savage Trophy Hunter seems like a great rlfe. I would put up with it in stainless if they made a Youth version, which they don't currently offer. In fact it seems .260 is the only youth-y caliber they don't offer it in.
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