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Just got an old shotgun, bad barrel

So I just got a really oldie from a friend of mine. The barrel is in extremely bad shape in the bore. Looks fine on the outside. Its got lines/scrapes/pits in it bad, I would say not even salvageable.

My question is though how bad does it affect shotgun shells? When is it in bad enough condition that it affects how it shoots? because of the plastic wad I am inclined to say it probably wont affect it all that much. Where as the guy that gave it to me said just cut the barrel down and use cut shells.

So if I were to do that what is the legality of cutting it down? It does not have a serial number on it. Altough its a remington so I dont know why I couldnt find it. I tonight and had to look at it with a flash light so maybe that is why I am going out to clean it and see what happens now
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