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Willy, your mention of a canned quail hunt brings back an old memory of when I used to take folks on canned quail hunts for the company I worked for. Seems like every year we lost about 85% of all the quail population, so we bought pen raised Bobwhite quail and introduced them in areas of our 50,000 acre ranch so the customers would have something to hunt. Most years the purchased quail were sufficiently wild that you'd never know they weren't truly wild, but one year we switched suppliers and got mostly tame quail. Nobody told me that they were tame, and I took a jeep load of guys out to hunt and when we got out of the jeep close to a quail feeding station, the quail ran out of the underbrush and stood all around us, waiting to be fed. You could kick at them and they'd back off a few feet, but come right back wanting food. Geez...can't shoot tame quail, so I took the guys off to look for some Blue Quail that I knew to be fully wild.

Shortly after I (and others) reported in on the tame quail, the president of the company put out an interoffice memo that said, on threat of being fired, nobody was allowed to shoot any quail not fully in the air. Any quail on tippy toe or with only one foot in the air was still off limits. I shoulda kept that memo.
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