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Broom handle Mauser? As long as you didn't have stripper clips, it looks to me like it would be legal under New York law.

Imagine if you made a version of this, extended a fixed double stack magazine below the trigger guard and chambered it in a caliber you could really stuff into a magazine. Like 30 rounds of 5.7.

Another thought- what about those 20 round revolvers they had back in the 1800s. I'm not talking about the Westerns where the guys were shooting single action army Colts for 20 rounds without reloading. There was a 7mm revolver (pinfire?) that had two staggered rows of chambers in the cylinder, and fired them through two barrels. The cylinder was HUGE. But nowadays we have better metallurgy... Might be able to build something like that in an N frame sized revolver, a 22 mag, or maybe 32?

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