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1.) Hitler did not try to oppress (conquer) germany, he used radicals to gain control of the government with the support of the people.
2.) Obama knows the value of harmed guards to protect his childern.
3.) That's not the way it will work, you will lose it slowly. *Can't sell, transfer or gift the gun. *Upon your death the gun will have to be surrendered to the government for destruction. *Or they will just change the law. As far a the car argument goes, you only have to register the car if you want to drive it on public roads.
4.) I believe the stat says that more people are killed by clubs (bats and such) than are killed by rifles not guns in general.
5.) For DUI the driver is punished not the car!
6.) Funny he finds so many things disturbing, many if not most mass shootings are committed by disturbed people.
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