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I have one. It is a very good rifle, but If I could only have one 10-22 I'd go with one of the standard models. Having one of the TD models would be a good choice as a 2nd gun if you want one.

I have several, all are set up different. There are no aftermarket stocks for the TD, at least not yet, and all of my other Rugers are in aftermarket stocks which are much better.

I have heard mixed reviews so I am unsure about it's accuracy after being taken down a few times. For those of you who own them, how have YOU found it?
I guess what I want is a rifle I can keep in the vehicle etc, pull it out, assemble it and have a shot without worrying about zero wandering between assemblies
The 10-22 has an adjustment that if properly set will lock the barrel into the action very tight. All of the problems I've read about were corrected when th owners read the owners manual and adjusted their guns correctly.

I don't see any problems with irons, which is how I'm leaving mine for now. Both front and rear sights are on the barrel. I could see some minor POI changes with optics since the optic will be on the receiver and not the barrel.
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