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Thanks to some digging by the folks at MDShooters, here's about an hour of what happened.

Steven F. McLaughlin (Pro-Gun)

They want to register and then CONFISCATE our guns. See Descripition below. - YouTube :52
Seven Bullets 3:19
The Reason for the NY Law 5:24
The Collection of Gun Owner Data 2:15
Steven F. McLaughlin Closing Statement 8:28

Andy Goodall (Pro-Gun)

This is for saving lives or just to force registration

Thomas J. Abinanti (Anti-Gun)

I am tired of legal lawful gun owners 1:34
NY Assemblyman Abinanti wantes gun owners names published 1:38
Closing Statement 13:14

If you just want to watch a single video, try this one (my own "favorite"):

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin discusses the New York SAFE Act 15:04
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