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[email protected] thanks for all the info. My 20 shot string is probably on the long side. I just want something that I can shoot longer than my rem 7600. Thats about 3 shots and starts walking, running off. I went to range today to see what I can do with the mauser. There wasnt a bay open on any of the ranges. Los of new gun owners. I did look at a couple of rems with varmit barrels but they were both more than I want to spend right now. I just sparng for reloading equip.
While cleaning the mauser I found that it is nazi marked. It was sported in the 50's. Even so with the sentimental value and now the eagle crest I think I will let it stay how it is. I do have a set of rings coming for it. I will mount up a 4-14 Redfield that I have. I dont like to hunt with that scope because of narrow field of view. It will be perfect for up to 300 yds IMO. Ill keap my eyes open and see what shows up on the used rack as far as heavy barrel guns. Im open but thinking 308, 25-06, 30-06 maybe even something heavy like a 7mag.
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