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I am a new guy here. I spent hours and hours reading on here, and at Chuck Hawks, and listening to a very intelligent man at work who reloads. I bought a Lee breech lock classic kit, 150 rounds of ammo for the brass, 1000 remington primers, RCBS die set, 1 lb of IMR 3031, for a box of Hornady 150 grain spbt, 1 lb of IMR 4064 for a box of Hornady 180 grain sp, a primer pocket crimp removal tool, and a Hornady manual. I read the Hornady manual. I found loads on the internet, I found burn rate charts on the internet, I compared loads in the book to the internet. I kept great notes, and built a series of test loads as you guys instructed. Yesterday I took those test loads out and went shooting. In my ruger gunsite scout rifle the 150 grain spbt seated at 2.770-2.775 with 42.2 grains of IMR 3031 all three felt, sounded and hit very close to one another on the target I was shooting. I am waiting on my scope and sling so its just open sights standing in the woods.
With the 180 grain bullets I did the same work up but with IMR 4064, it was most accurate, felt and sounded best at 37.6 grains.
So you guys really helped me.

These loads are using nato brass in .308

Oh yeah, the loads I made seemed much more consistant than the CBC nato rounds, which about every third or forth one would feel different, and I would have to wack the bolt open and back to extract. My reloads were smooth to extract.
I did follow the instructions exactly though.
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