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This was a huge deal about 11 years ago. Heck a buddy of mine even said during his training to become a reserve sheriffs deputy, they used a shooting of a LEO as an example to blame the 180gr Hydra-shok. They said if the deputy had been loaded with the newly adopted 165gr Hydra-shoks his rounds would of expanded better in the perp. after passing through auto glass killing him rather than leaving him wounded, enabling him to return fire and kill the officer.

It was also said that the KB rate (in specifically in the G22 and G23) was increased by something like 92% by using 180 grain and heavier bullets, due to the "massive'' pressure increase from the (again specifically glock(s)) chamber pushing the bullet back after repeated reloading of the same round. And that in the glocks unsupported chamber, this problem would be cured by using lighter bullets.

I cant speak to the truth about all that...seems like bunk to me...But I will say the Glock, out of all guns I've owned and shot in 40 S&W...are the most inaccurate of all.
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