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I started out with the 4500 and the super moly , didn't have the hardening prob and didn't heat it, but was getting lots of lube under the base of the bullet.

Found out you really don't need to crank the screw for every bullet, give it a turn and run several bullets through until one comes out with some blank spots in the lube grooves then give the screw just enough not to push it under the next bullets base.

22 calibers I can run 6-7 through ,38's 45's 3-4, 45 caliber rifle 1-2, before I crank the screw and still have clean bases.

I run some real soft and gooey home made lube,it's softer than the moly @ room temp 70*.

But I also have the heater if I'm going to use Red Rooster or real hard lube for gas checked 30 cal rifle.

Another thing , some of the bullets drop just a tad smaller than the sizer die or out of round and that can cause extra lube to go where is isn't needed.

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