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Hawg, it's almost always a weak spring.

Had a Colt Enhanced Combat Commander XSE that belonged to a neighbor that did it twice on its maiden voyage. It would drop and hang on the hammer.

Series 80 firing pin springs are quite a bit shorter than standard springs. I installed a standard spring and the problem disappeared.

the way I see it this is an issue that sells
a $20 tool to free a part that is not designed to be pried lose.
No need to fit one so tight that it has to be pried out. As long as it doesn't fall out under its own weight, it's good to go...completely solving any problem once and for all...and a fitted stop offers the added advantage of keeping he extractor nailed down. Can't clock and can't shift back and forth. Win-Win.

No need to buy a 20-dollar tool, even if it does need prying. The original hammer strut works just fine for that.

Then, of course...with an EGW stop...there's the option of cutting a small radius on the bottom corner to add a little delay to the slide and bleed off a bit of it's rearward per the original design.

In the 80s, when the old 5/64th radius stops got scarce, I made my own. When George Smith started offering them with dead square bottoms a decade later, I thought I'd won the lottery and started experimenting with an even smaller radius...down to .050 at one point, and eventually settled on about a 16th. Some people just leave'em square and go.
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