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Target pics

Ok time for some target pics. I also have some chrono numbers on my pet load that was fired out of the gun as well.

Taget was at a distance of 15 yards. Shot from a standing position. Time between shots was 2 to 3 seconds. Both groups shown were shot while standing with a two handed grip in the isocolese stance. Both groups were 12 shots fired. (2 Cylinders each.) One group has 2 shots that were out of the group. Those were due solely to shooter error.

Load was a 158 grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter. (home cast from Lee .358-158 TL mold) Loaded in mixed head stamp cases with a load of 3.2 grains of Trail Boss and a Winchester Small Rifle primer. A light roll crimp is was applied to all rounds. Chrono was at 15 feet from the muzzle. Average velocity for 24 shots was 720 FPS Extreme spread was 39 FPS. Lowest velocity was 698 FPS Highest was 737 FPS.

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