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You'll probably want to chamfer all your pistol cases once to minimize lead scraping, but it doesn't normally need to be repeated. That's because you don't normally need to trim straight wall handgun cases, which in turn is because pressures are too low to stick the cases to the chamber walls and stretching their heads back. In the .460 that may not be true, so monitor them with a caliper.

Handgun rounds do not normally need decapping and primer pocket cleaning. In high power rifle, however, there is some opinion that the hardened carbon in them helps erode your barrel's throat earlier than would otherwise happen, and also that the cushion effect from seating primers against the carbon and residue bed can make ignition enough more irregular than normal to show up on paper at long range (roughly 500 yards and beyond; though the exact number varies with the chambering).

Also, rifle cases have to be trimmed after resizing to get the trim accurately. Alternately, you could invest in an RCBS X-die for resizing. This die design prevents necks from growing too far, though you still have to perform an initial trimming of them before starting to use that die.
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